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Meet Peerless Mixing

Peerless Mixers provide a range of performance, reliability and productivity benefits for bakery product manufacturers across the globe. Legendary for reliability and virtually maintenance-free operation, Peerless delivers the non-stop production capabilities world-class food producers demand. >More

The Peters Brand

Nearly a century ago, Peters introduced the first high-speed sandwiching machine to the baking world. Since then, these machines have become the industry standard for reliable, efficient and profitable production. With a long list of upgrades and improvements, the newest Peters Sandwiching Machines incorporate everything we’ve learned from customer research. >More

Fedco Depositing

Fedco® is the leading name for batter mixers and aerators, depositors and icers. Fedco’s depositing capabilities are the most comprehensive in the industry and will enable you to efficiently produce superior products with added value and cost-effectiveness. Fedco provides system capabilities for cake, muffin and icing production, from mixing through final product cooling. >More

Global Sales Contacts

Peerless is part of the ITW Food Equipment Group. We offer direct equipment sales and service around the world.  Our installed equipment base spans most continents and includes countries in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Australia. To locate your Peerless Sales Contact, please click the following link. >More.


Apr 24

Apr 24, 2014

B&CMA Annual Tech Conf - April 27-30, 2014

Peerless will attend the B&CMA Tech Conference in Nashville!

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