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Consistent Blends with every batch

The Fedco Brand

Fedco® has served as a leading name for slurry mixers, holding tanks and aerators in the snack industry for years.  Peerless discontinued building new Fedco Machines in January 2015.

Fedco’s continuous mixing and slurry mixing capabilities are the most comprehensive in the industry and will enable you to efficiently produce superior products with consistent, homogeneous blends in less time.  These machines have been transferred over to the Peerless brand name for continued sale and support.  Each run of stable, uniform premix means great product out to the end consumer. Fedco provides system capabilities for cake, muffin and snack mixing production.

Fedco Brochure

Fedco machines can handle full coverage on all types of baked goods. Peerless will continue to offer service and parts support for all existing Fedco machines around the world.   


Fedco brand products include:


If you should require spare or replacement parts for your Fedco equipment, we are always ready to respond. We include a recommended spare parts list with every machine so that commonly replaced “wear” parts can be ordered and kept
on-hand at your site to ensure uninterrupted production.

Custom Solutions

Fedco engineering and customer support teams work with you to define your precise design needs. Clear specifications help to ensure that each machine is individually engineered to fit your production environment, whether new or existing.