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Baking Industry & Sustainability

Commitment to the Baking Industry

Peerless Food Equipment is also BISSC (Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee) certified. BISSC,, is a not-for-profit corporation that, working with the American Society of Baking Z50 Committee, developed an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard for the design of bakery equipment. The standard provides guidance for a variety of manufacturing equipment regarding proper design for sanitation and food safety. Peerless designs all of their products to meet the highest standards.

To learn more about sanitation, click here.

Peerless Food Equipment has been an active member in our industry trade organization BEMA since its inception and many of our past and current employees have held chair positions on its various committees. Through our work with BEMA we endeavor to support and grow the baking industry – a cause that is quite fundamental in the culture of our company.

Through its scholarship programs students are able to enter the field of baking with a high level of academic expertise. A recently-launched statistical program will help member-companies better understand the scope and dynamics of health of our industry all because of BEMA membership. You can learn more at

The American Institute of Baking (AIB) is an international corporation that is the premier technology transfer center for bakers and food processors. Located in Manhattan, Kansas – home of Kansas State University and one of the major centers wheat and grain-product research, the AIB provides valuable training to the world’s bakers. Peerless Food Equipment has gladly donated a variety of process machines for their laboratory and test bakery and we encourage you to contact them for your training, educational and auditing needs at

The B&CMA is a 109 year old international trade organization representing the entire spectrum of companies involved in the manufacturing of biscuits and crackers and the suppliers to the baking industry. Their mission is to bring unparalleled educational training programs and networking opportunities to members of the B&CMA.  Click here to learn more about B&CMA.

The American Bakers Association (ABA) is the Washington D.C.-based voice of the wholesale baking industry. Since 1897, ABA has represented the interests of bakers before the U.S. Congress, federal agencies, and international regulatory authorities. ABA advocates on behalf of more than 700 baking facilities and baking company suppliers. ABA members produce bread, rolls, crackers, bagels, sweet goods, tortillas and many other wholesome, nutritious, baked products for America’s families. The baking industry generates more than $102 billion in economic activity annually and employs more than 633,000 highly skilled people.  To learn more about the ABA, click here.

The United States commerical baking industry employs nearly 330,000 people with industry revenues estimated at nearly $97 billion annually. There are over 600 U.S. baking plants that produce fresh and frozen commercial products daily for retail, foodservice and restaurant consumption. The AMERICAN SOCIETY OF BAKING (ASB), formerly known as the American Society of Bakery Engineers, is a professional society comprised of members who are either engaged in, involved with, or interested in wholesale or large-scale bakery production, grain science, engineering, research, quality assurance and food safety.

Our education process is accomplished through the presentation of technical papers at our Annual Conference and MarketPlace, which is held the first week of March in Chicago.

ASB was founded in 1924 and is international in scope, with representation in over 43 other countries. To learn more about the ASB, click here.

Grain Foods Foundation is a joint venture of members from the baking and milling industries, and allied suppliers formed in 2004. Its mission is to advance public understanding of the beneficial role grain-based foods play in a healthful diet. At a time when the nutrition debate has taken center stage on the public agenda and Americans have been inundated with often conflicting and sometimes suspect nutritional advice, healthy doses of fact-based information and common sense are sorely needed. The Foundation is committed to nutrition education programming that is firmly rooted in sound science, working together with its Scientific Advisory Board, a multidisciplinary cross-section of nationally recognized nutrition and healthcare experts.

The Foundation is directed by a board of trustees, and its funding is provided through voluntary donations from private grain-based companies, supplemented by industry associations. To learn more about Grain Food Foundation, please Click Here.

Peerless Food Equipment has been a participant in the baking industry since 1913 and have always focused on building equipment solutions that provide the utmost in productivity for our customers.  Be it advanced designs, or our attentive after-sales support, we have built a reputation of supplying among the most efficient machines in our markets.  Our view is that efficiency encompasses not only minimizing electrical consumption during operation, but also designing for low water use during sanitation and maximizing uptime so that your entire bakery can be more productive and efficient.  Peerless – Resource Responsible.

Peerless continues to look for ways to be a more sustainable organization in both our manufacturing plant and office space.  In July 2011, Peerless partnered with A Greener Solution, LL to kick off a recycling initiative.  Peerless employees quickly embraced this program and we average a little over 12,000 lbs of fiber, metal, plastic, and glass monthly in our recycle program.