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Legacy Brands

Peerless Food Equipment is represented by some of the most respected and well known brands in food equipment today.   There are other brands that have helped to grow the Peerless reputation in the past as well, these include:  SuperGrain, Royal, Hallmark.

SuperGrain Brand

SuperGrain® offers the very best in bread moulders, including cross grain, straight grain and SuperCurl, as well as other bread make-up equipment. SuperGrain equipment is still available.

Royal Brand

The Royal brand offered re-manufactured bakery equipment. Peerless has discontinued the Royal re-manufactured bakery equipment line.

Hallmark Brand

The Hallmark series of mixers were designed for the baker seeking small batch sizes, but requiring high performance. Peerless now offers a smaller model of our standard mixer line to accommodate smaller batch sizesand has discontinued the Hallmark Brand line.

Peerless provides service, parts and customer support to all of these legacy brands.  Please contact us today if you have a question or need service or parts for your SuperGrain, Royal or Hallmark equipment.

Fedco Brand

The Fedco brand's continuous mixing and slurry mixing capabilities are the most comprehensive in the industry. Mixers were designed for the baker seeking small batch sizes, but requiring high performance.


Spare Parts at Your Request

 Our parts department stocks items from major suppliers, custom made machine parts, and many normal wear items. Most stocked items can be shipped for next day, early morning delivery, at your request.

Field Support

Our customer support does not end at the shipping department. We pride ourselves on responding to customer needs and helping to utilize our equipment to its highest potential. Our technicians are trained to understand the dynamics of plant operations and take that into consideration when in the field.