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The Peerless Brand

Peerless Mixers provide a range of performance, reliability and productivity benefits for bakery product manufacturers across the globe.

Legendary for reliability and virtually maintenance-free operation, Peerless delivers the non-stop production capabilities world-class food producers demand. We’ve built our reputation by offering innovative, quality equipment to the worlds’ leading bakeries. Plus, our team of sales managers, service and support personnel are among the best in the world at assisting customers in designing and maintaining effective food equipment systems.

Single Sigma and Double Arm Brochure
Dough Handling Brochure

Peerless® offers a complete range of unit machines and integrated systems including the industry’s widest range of Rollerbar, Single Sigma and Double Sigma Mixers. Other product lines consist of dough handling equipment and systems to move dough from the mixer to make-up and forming equipment.

Peerless custom builds to your specifications allowing you to choose from the industry’s most extensive range of options, including bowl capacities, frame designs, bowl tilt geometeries, refrigeration packages, control systems and more. Peerless dough feeders are designed to operate effectively with far less horsepower than other types of dough feeders.

Baking applications ideal for Peerless products include: bagels, biscuits, multiple bread varieties, buns, cake, cheesecake, cinnamon rolls, cookies, cookies, corn masa, crackers, cream filling, croissants, danish, donuts, english muffins, energy bars, granola, icing, marshmallow, pandoro, panettone, pasta, pet food, phyllo dough, pie dough, pizza crust, pretzels, pastry dough, rolls, scone dough, streusel, tortilla dough, wafers, and waffle batter.

Peerless brand products include:


Custom Solutions

Peerless engineering and customer support teams work with you to define your precise design needs. Clear specifications help to ensure that each mixer is individually engineered to fit your production environment, whether new or existing. Peerless also encourages Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) in our facility prior to shipment. These customer reviews ensure that the final product is tailored to your specific requirements.

Unmatched Reliability

Peerless mixers are built to last. We offer standard five-year warranties on all super-duty bowls and mixer motors, as well as a one-year warranty on all other parts. Peerless is committed to delivering high quality machines that produce consistent product repeatedly.