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Advantages Like No Other.worldwide.

Peerless is recognized worldwide for manufacturing the highest quality, most reliable horizontal mixer. But, we are not just mixers. Peerless Food Equipment manufactures durable equipment that supports the bread and roll, biscuit and cracker,and cake and snack industries as well.

Our high speed mixers and dough handling equipment are found throughout the world, producing bread and  muffin dough, to croissant and roll dough. Our sigma line mixers create a variety of cookie and cracker dough as well as other products such as cream filling, energy bars and pet treats.

Our Peters  Equipment assembles sandwich biscuits in all sizes, from minis to large, oversized treats  around the world. Finally, our Hallmark mixer line supports smaller batch creation, which is ideal for icing and fillings, and other Artisan breads.

Peerless Food Equipment. Like No Other.



Equipment You Can Trust

Whether you are putting in a new line or a replacement, Peerless Mixers are designed and built to meet the customized needs of your business. Visit our  Single Sigma Mixer and Double Sigma Mixer pages for more info.

Service You Can Rely On

Peerless Service Technicians support our products world-wide. If you need start up or commissioning guidance, repair work or training, Peerless Service is there to help.  Contact us for all your Service and Parts needs.