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Slurry Mixer

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The Peerless Slurry Mixer is optimally designed for mixing cake or other batters or to prepare a uniform, unaerated premix of ingredients for use with your continuous mixing system. A single speed pump is used to accurately control the transfer of the mix to ancillary equipment.

Our mixing tanks are made of heavy gauge stainless steel with a two-piece hinged cover with two liquid inlets and one dry ingredient inlet.

  • Mixing tank cover has a safety interlock switch for worker safety.
  • Single speed drive motor for ease of use.
  • Angled discharge for ease of sanitation.


  • Mixing tank made of heavy gauge stainless steel with two piece hinged cover with two liquid inlets and one dry ingredient inlet to allow for product versatility.
  • Mixing tank cover with safety interlock switch to ensure proper use and minimize errors.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel rotating mixer shaft and blades and two sets of stationary stainless steel mixer blades mounted on opposite side of the tank to ensure product is mixed thoroughly.
  • VFD drive motor comes standard allowing you to customize your mix cycle.
  • Single speed pump for transferring mix to ancillary equipment to ensure product consistency.
  • PLC for controlling mixing and pumping cycles.
  • NEMA 4 (water tight) stainless steel starter enclosure and operator panel allows for easy clean up.


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