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Cream Hopper

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The PTH Hopper, when connected to the PT and the PT Controller, delivers sandwiching cream filling to the PT Stencil.



  • A 35, or 70, gallon storage Hopper and a counterbalanced Cover with electrical Interlock.
  • A rotating Sweep and Paddle rotating in the Hopper keeps the cream completely mixed and ensures a smooth flow of cream into the Auger.
  • An Auger integrated into the Hopper sidewall draws cream from the Hopper and pushes it into the delivery tube to the Pump.
  • The special Rotary Pump drives the cream under pressure to the Stencil.
  • Motors through Speed Reducers drive the Pump, Auger, Paddle, and Sweep.
  • Heavy duty casters mounted beneath PTH allow it to be moved easily to the best location around the PT, to storage, or to a cleaning or repair area.
  • The Hopper Pump output can be controlled very accurately and is the primary control for proper Stencil output in production.