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Mixing at its Best. KleanVue.

Experience a clean, new view of mixing performance with our KleanVue Series Mixers.

The newly designed KleanVue Series, with Single Sigma arm, Double Sigma arm and Triple Roller Bar agitator options, provides an ideal combination of performance, versatility and easy maintenance no matter what you are mixing.


The unique tubular frame mixer design allows more access to exterior parts for easier cleaning and maintenance, which helps reduce potential for sanitation issues and improves uptime.


KleanVue Mixers have safety guards to prevent direct contact with moving parts. Safety switches on the coupling guard prevent operation when open.


KleanVue Mixers deliver the high level performance you have come to expect from an industry leader.


KleanVue Mixers have stainless steel exterior, bowl sheet, bowl ends, and canopy, with rigid 4-post bowl mounting and stainless steel bumper bar to maximize strength and stability.


Adjustable features and mixer options allow for maximum versatility and endless mixing capabilities.

Compliant with sanitation standards, the round tubular design with no flat horizontal surfaces prevents ingredient or debris buildup. The tubular frame design offers a highly sanitary construction, allowing easy wash-down. And the KleanVue’s Heavy-duty “unibody” frame is designed for stability, with an interlocking round tubular design for incredible strength and rigidity.

Read this testimonial from Mama Rosa's on how the Peerless KleanVue Mixer helps MaMa Rosa’s build pizza from the crust up with supreme sanitation and reliable operation.

Download the KleanVue Mixer Brochure and Sell Sheet to learn more.