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Sandwiching/Biscuit Creamer

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Peters Equipment is cost-effective, efficient and reliable. Sandwiching machines can be added to an existing production line – integrating directly with most all packaging and wrapping equipment.

Adding sandwiching equipment to a biscuit or cracker line can increase production volumes by 15-25%. Sandwiching only takes a minimal amount of additional labor along with the same forming equipment, oven and bake time you currently have. Adding cream, cheese or other fillings to your existing products expands your product offering and can increase sales and add more shelf space at retail outlets for your brands. Peters Sandwiching Machine has the versatility to handle many sizes and shapes as well as a wide array of fillings.

Peters is cost-effective, efficient and reliable equipment. Sandwiching machines can easily be added to an existing production line - minimizing the downtime typically seen with adding equipment. Our machines can be either a dedicated system or as a flexible manual system. Peters offers a range of sandwiching equipment that is known as the industry standard for reliability and profitability.


  • Flexible speeds allow up to 800 sandwiches per lane per minute to maximize production capabilities.
  • Design can handle varying shapes of cookies (round, square, rectangle or specialty shape) giving you the flexibility to make many different products with one machine.
  • Standard product size ranging from 38 mm to 60 mm, giving you the flexibility for many different products.
  • Optional changes allow for mini cookies (25 mm to 38 mm) or larger cookies over 60 mm to be produced, giving you the ability to make small and large sandwiches.
  • Product can be discharged on-the-flat or penny stacked allowing you to select the ideal packaging model for different products.
  • The servo driven system is positioned on the non-operator side, allowing for simple maintenance access and ease of cleaning, saving you time and money.
  • Scrap Bin Collection System provided for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Portable Cream Hopper provides accurate and consistent cream feed with minimum cream loading, saving you ingredients and money.
  • Simple, convenient operator control panel with easy access to electrical and mechanical components for maintenance and service, lessening training time and maintenance time.



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