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Mixer Bowl Replacement

Peerless® is widely recognized as the market leader in horizontal dough mixing technology. Central to this is our expertise in the design and fabrication of bowls for a variety of dough applications.

The interaction of the mixer agitator design, bowl geometry and dough type is very complex and the relationship between these factors and dough temperature has been extensively modeled by our engineers. With a database that spans more than 94 years, our models blend dynamic and thermodynamic theory with empirical data that allows us to design for applications that no other mixer manufacturer can.

Our bowls are designed to stand up under the high cyclical stresses for leak-free performance over the long term. We are practiced in optimized cooling using both Glycol as well as direct-expansion technologies and can closely model final dough temperatures for your production.

With these analytical tools at our disposal Peerless can engineer a bowl and agitator solution for most all dough applications as well as brands of horizontal mixers. We have made more bowls than all other manufacturers combined and routinely produce bowls that are fixed, one and two way tilt as well as agitators that are roller bar, single sigma and double sigma in design.

Each bowl is pressure-tested to 250 psi during 3 phases of production. We also have made a number of very unique agitator designs and we are capable of designing one for you.