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Service Department

At Peerless Food Equipment, we understand how global on-site training, a quick response time and outstanding technical support services can make the difference between simply making products and making the best products in the industry.

That is why our service and technical support teams are ready to travel to sites around the world to guide you through the installation of new processing lines and train plant personnel on maintenance and safety issues.

Peerless now has dedicated Inside Technical Service Support resource available Monday - Friday! 

Mr. Keith Curtner

Service Supervisor
Contact Keith at 937-658-2167 or click here to contact Keith.

Direct: 937-494-2859
Mobile: 937-658-2167


Technical Support includes: 

  • Service Quotes/Onsite Request
  • Onsite Training Needs
  • Sanitation Recommendation
  • Machine Torque Specs
  • Service Issues and Questions
  • Machine PM Recommendations
  • Machine Spec/Capability Consultation
  • Parts Information

Technical Service / Field Support

Our customer support does not end at the shipping department. We pride ourselves on responding to customer needs and helping to utilize our equipment to its highest potential. Our technicians are trained to understand the dynamics of plant operations and take that into consideration when in the field.

Our technicians are also available for plant visits to help solve production, process or equipment problems. They will stay onsite until your problems are completely solved and your production lines are running at their ultimate capacity.

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Installation / Start Up Assistance

Peerless Food Equipment provides complete commissioning of purchased equipment. Our technicians will assist in mechanical and electrical installation, as well as training for management and production personnel. Our technicians will stay onsite for the entire equipment installation and start-up process to guarantee the process goes smoothly.

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Peerless Food Equipment offers classroom and on-site instruction for management and plant personnel. Our trained instructor will show how to safely operate our equipment and how to make consistently high quality product at optimum production capacity. Personalized training courses can be conducted at your plant site or at the Peerless Food Equipment in Sidney, Ohio.

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Maintenance Package Agreements

Peerless Food Equipment offers Extended Service Programs for new or existing machinery in 6, 12, 24 and 36 month intervals. The typical Service Inspection at each of these intervals includes two days of on-site service to inspect, repair, calibrate and document machinery performance, as well as provide technical training to operations and maintenance personnel.

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Equipment Upgrades / Retrofits

Our technicians will evaluate your current production equipment and recommend upgrades or retrofits to increase your productivity. As technology changes, our service department will keep you informed of industry trends and changes to the equipment. This team is also prepared to implement the recommendations with mechanical, electrical or hardware changes.

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Service Parts Program

Down time in your production facility is kept to a minimum with our parts replacement program. Our technicians are on call all day, every day to answer questions, suggest solutions and send replacement parts to get your machines up and running as soon as possible.

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For more information on Peerless Technical Services, please contact Keith Curtner at  or call 937-494-2854.

You may also send us a fax at 937-492-3688 or email us at