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Peerless Food Equipment goes to great length to design machines that meet or exceed the current National and International standards for safety, but any machine or process can be unsafe if proper education of those who operate it doesn’t occur.

We urge owners of Peerless equipment to have on-going education and safety programs in your facilities. On this page you can download at no cost information to help you develop these internal programs. As an alternative, you can contact our Service group to provide a proposal for Peerless to present a custom – designed program for you.

Lockout Tagout Is the Law

There are Federal Laws in the United States regarding Lockout Tagout (LOTO) procedures for process machinery to help assure the safety of those who interact with them.  Peerless Food Equipment designs products with this in mind, but it is the responsibility of the bakery to develop and implement LOTO procedures for specific machines and processing that are being used in the bakery.

We are very interested in the safety of your personnel will gladly answer any questions that you may have regarding your LOTO program. 

We also urge you to visit the OSHA information page for more details about implementing your LOTO program.