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Sanitation is as an important topic for Peerless Food Equipment as it is for bakers.

Our belief in progressive sanitary design is more than just words – we've been active in the BISSC organization for some time and continually send our staff for certification training. The value is reflected in our designs as we work diligently to comply with all ANSI/ASB/Z50.2-2015  Sanitation Standards for the Design of Bakery Equipment criteria.

At Peerless Food Equipment, our certification assures our compliance with the latest sanitation standards in the industry. Take a look at our designs and you will quickly see why Peerless provides value – more sanitary designs means less sanitation costs at the bakery and that is good for all.

We have made available a number of resources to help in the education of sanitation issues as they relate to our equipment. Much of this can be used for other machines in your bakery and we encourage you to have a look. Should you have specific questions or concerns feel free to contact us for further discussion.


File List

BISSC Standards (PDF, 416k)

Double Sigma Sanitation (PDF, 1300k)

Dough Conveyor Sanitation (PDF, 166k)

Hallmark Sanitation (PDF, 6700k)

RDF Sanitation (PDF, 142k)

Trough Hoist Sanitation (PDF, 187k)

Tilt Bearing Sanitation (PDF, 187k)


Routine Mixer Sanitation Videos

  • Removing Agitator Shaft Seals

  • Replacing Agitator Shaft Seals

  • Bowl Cleaning